3 months old baby

Question: My lo birthweight was 2.5 and now she is 5.1 for 3 mth 7 days. Is it ok

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Answer: Yes its good weigth. Eat healthy food and gain more
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Question: my baby girl's birthweight was 3.1 Kg and now her weight is only 7 ....it's ok or under weight...now she is 9 months completed
Answer: As long as she is active, timely achieving her milestones and is eating well there is nothing to really worry about. Baby’s body structure and fat storage tendency generally depends on parental genes. Many babies can be really chubby whereas certain will have a leaner body. Its just their body type accept it. Overfeeding them or giving lots of ghee, butter etc might trigger child obesity in baby. Let her enjoy being hersel. Your baby shouldn't be suffering from malnutrition or being underweight as this might hinder her growth. Make sure your baby is having a balanced diet which contains a portion of proteins(meat/lentils ), Cereals, carbs, fruits, vegetables and fats. The frequency of meal should be 5 times a day. A healthy happy active baby is best one can ask for. Stay blessed!
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Question: My baby is 3 month 6 days old. His weight is 5.1 kg. Is it ok?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 3 months old dear 3 months babies weight should be between 5.1 to 7.9 kg ur babies weight s 5.1 kg its normal .give bf after 2 2 hours .nd give bf 20 min each side so that foremilk nd hind milk go to baby its helpful in increasing weight .try it
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Question: My baby weight was 5 now she was 3 months 10 days is the weight ok
Answer: Hi,yes your baby s weight is fine and it shows that baby is growing bwelk so don't worry continue to feed your baby well Take care
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