3 months old baby

Question: my lo is stepping into 4th month now.. he is keeping his whole hand inside the mouth and making sounds.. what to do?? is this teething?

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Answer: even my child is doing the same but its nt teething babies just like to put their hands in mouth
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Question: My baby's 3rd month started and he is keeping his hand in mouth from 2days n taking out milk after feed or curd like thing. What to do?
Answer: Hi... Curd like spit ups is good for babies to spit up... No need to worry... N it is also very common to put Lil fingers in mouth... My baby is also doing same....just pull out his hand each n every time u see him putting in the mouth... It is bcoz of irritation in gums.. Hope it helps... Please like my answer
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Question: My son is 13 months old...he is teething now and do loose stool and also vomiting .what can I do now for his easy teething...
Answer: To ease out teething troubles give your baby calcariaphos and mixture 21. Massage gums of baby from cleaned finger. Offer him or her a soft gel based teether and regularly sterilise it. Keep check on hygiene to avoid loose motions. Good luck
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Question: Hii.... My son is keeping both the hand fingers in his mouth ..what to do
Answer: Dear it's very normal for baby to put hands in mouth. You can give teether to baby so that baby can chew on that..
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