7 weeks pregnant mother

My LMP was 25th October 2018. Plz help me to count my pregnancy.

According to ur LMP u r 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Congratulations for ur pregnancy dear. Take plenty of juices but avoid pineapple juice at this time, And take seasonal fruits except papaya and pineapple. Take coconut water, and drink plenty of water this time. Eat healthy food. And Take rest... Hope it helps....
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    Sajmin Begum40 days ago

    Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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Question: How do I count my pregnancy week ? My LMP was 12th October 2018.
Answer: You are 8 week pregnant...start count from 12 th oct. And every 7 day one week increases
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Question: Hello... My LMP was 21/5/018 I can not count real weeks of my pregnancy..plz help me..how can I count ?
Answer: Hii Your due date is calculated by adding 280 days (40 weeks) to the first day of your last menstrual period (assuming a 28 day cycle). Note that your menstrual period and ovulation are counted as the first two weeks of pregnancy. Please remember that your due date is only an estimate. Every pregnancy is unique and your baby will come when it's ready. Be sure to talk to your health care provider about your due date. On average only 5% of births take place exactly on the estimated due date. Most are born within a week either side of the estimated due date. A normal pregnancy can last anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks.
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Question: My lmp was 25th October ,in between I tested two times in home pregnancy kit , bt it showing negative result ,why plz advise me
Answer: Hi dear, Have patience dear.you need to test after a week of missed period.the pregnancy hormones needs to rise up,to show positive result on strip.try again Tomorrow with first urine in morning.
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