2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lmp is Nov 01, doctor prescribed safeova tablet for 1 month, can anyone say the benefits of taking safeova tablets

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Answer: It's a folic acid tablet dear.....good luck
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Question: I m taking tablet of labtalol for high bp..bt still my bp is not reduce..even I m taking 3 times of dis med..what should I do..
Answer: How much is your bp now ?? And reduce salt intake take fresh fruits instead
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Question: I'm seven weeks pregnant, doctor prescribed Progesterone tablet for me till 12th week but I didn't feel okay with the very first dose of the tablet. Should I stop taking the tablet ?
Answer: If dctr has advised, he might have given the reason also. Hw can us stop without consultation? Ask them and also say ur concern This app is for help but ur dctr shud b ur frst person to take any steps.. We here don't see any sonography scans or any reports, no one cn guide on such topics... Start trusting ur dctr and discuss every bit of ur issues with them.. U gona b visiting them for nxt many months...
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Question: My lmp was on 22oct and this month as on 23rd NOV. Can you please tell me the ovulation dates iam trying since 2 months and iam taking vitamin &folic acid supplements. My age is 32 years
Answer: You would first need to know your period cycle length..so get the average for last six months..like for me it has been 28 days cycle and I ovulate at 12 th day ..similarly if you have 26 day cycle then you might ovulate on 11 th day..and so on..for 29- 30th day cycle you would ovulate on 13th or 14th day in of month.
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