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Question: My lmp is jun 21.when is my ovulation days.. My period cycle is 35 days.. Please give me reply

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Answer: Hi, your period cycle is 35 days then it is most likely to have happened between 19 to 21 days of your period you just need to found from the first day .. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hello dear, in a 35 days cycle ovulation happens around day 21 and your most fertile days are 19-20th day of your cycle...
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Question: My period date is 21 June my period cycle was 24 days when is my ovulation time please tell me
Answer: Well 24 is low I guess you should track a period back as well to be sire with cycle length If your cycle length is 24 then you would ovulate around day 14 So you need to have sex 4 days before and after day 14 To conceive It's from 1st to 8th july
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Question: Hi last lmp 11 July n period cycle 32 33 days when is my ovulation days
Answer: Hi, dear according to your LMP 11 July and cycle length which is 33 day then Your best days to conceive are July 28, 2019 To August 1, 2019...
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Question: My lmp date is 15th june, my period cycle is 35 days. When is my fertility period and ovulation date?
Answer: Hi dear,it should be between 10-20 days from LMP..SO calculate it..
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