1 months old baby

Question: my little one is 37days now. Since yesterday ma right side breast getting clogged. I massage and squeeze out the milk but after a while it get clog again. I feed ma baby every two to three hour

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Answer: Hello, first of all empty the breast give the affected breast milk to the baby first and make sure baby is emptying the milk. Massage your breast applying gentle pressure to the plugged duct both before and during a feeding can help loosen the clog. Try a circular motion right on the lump itself. you can use a warm compress for the affected breast , make sure your bra is very loose not too tight so it may affect the clogged duct. if you notice the lump is getting bigger or if you get fever you can contact you gynaecologist immediately.
Answer: Hi dear do hot compress to cure ur breast duct. It do happens sometimes when u don't feed ur baby regularly. But by hot compress it can cure. Fi still not cute then consult doctor.
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Question: Hi all, My baby wakes up every half an hour after breast feeding.. she is not getting enough milk when I feed her every half an hour.. what is the solution??? but if she sleeps well like every 2 to 3 hours I will get enough breast milk... because of continuous feeding I'm getting nipple pain
Answer: Hi dear. Feed her for about 15 - 20 minutes on each breasts. Even if she sleeps, gently scratch her ears or feet. She'll start drinking again. Then make her sleep. Eat a lot of garlic, fish, dry fish, especially milk shark dry fish, meat, vegetables, greens, fruits especially papaya, and garden cress seeds to increast breast milk supply. Also consume sowbhagya sunthi leghiyam twice a day
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Question: Little amount of milk comes out after every feed... Is it normal... And how many times and how much milk should I feed her..
Answer: Hello! It is normal to bring little milk out. There is nothing to worry as the tummy of the baby is very small and a little pressure on it will make the baby bring out milk. Just make sure that you burp the baby after every feed. As for how many times, keep feeding the baby every two hours and if you are feeding formula then give 30 ml, if the baby needs more than you can give more 30ml. If the baby breast feeds then try to feed atleast for 30 minutes. Take care
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Question: Hi i have 26,days baby it passes urine immediately after my every breast feed from three days and it cries since it emptys stomach y it happens very often again i feed
Answer: It is good sign that baby is doing pee after every breastfeeding, I think you have fore milk that makes her empty quickly. Don't worry it is good sign that baby is taking food with baby's own initiative. Don't worry, just keep feeding and you try to intake more calorie, and faty healthy food, and water.
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