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Question: My hcg levels are 0.3 miu/mg.. Lmp was 6 nov.. Pregnancy test are comming negative.. Trying to conceive since september.. But periods are not comming and beta hcg shows 0.3 .. What to do?

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Answer: Hi! You need to follow what ur Dr. says, 0.3 miu cant be pregnancy because its too low, but if u r not getting periods its a concern, and needs to be dealt well, it wont be right to speculate the reason without medical evidence hence pls talk to ur Dr. and follow what he/she suggests... Hope this helps!
Answer: Same situation with me same Lmp 5 Nov no periods no pregnancy test positive Dr help me
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Question: Hi. My lmp was Nov 23rd, last week I was taken my pregnancy test, but it shows negative. So doctor suggest me to wait for normal bleeding. But am having pregnancy symptoms, but the result is negative, what to do
Answer: hi dear ! dear if you feel so you can take a test dear to see for yourself if the pregnancy is there dear. there is something called beta hcg blood test. in this they detect the beta hcg in the blood it should be more than 25 to confirm the pregnancy dear. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: Hi mam. I took blood test and the report was HCG Beta test - 0.33 mIU/ml (negative). And hemoglobin wat 12.3. Wat I have to do?
Answer: Don't worry, I understand your concern, but, there is a destined time for everything.. Have faith.. Take up a nutritious diet and proper rest. Do not over think or stress yourself. Avoid, junk, outside, greasy and very spicy food sources..
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Question: Hi my t3 t4 levels are normal and tsh is last periods was September 2nd.. pregnancy test is it leads problem to conceive
Answer: Hello dear, yes your message level is quite height and with this conception can be complicated. You should consult doctor and need to take medication to balance your TSH level. Even during pregnancy also high TSH level can cause miscarriage as well. That's why it is very important to take medication as soon as possible and avoid eating cruciferous vegetables like a cauliflower cabbage radish spinach broccoli etc. in your regular diet. Hope it helps
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