12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My legs are in pain since 2 -3 days.is it normal?

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Answer: Due to growing uterus leg cramps will be there no need to worry just apply hot water massage
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Question: Baby not pooping since past 3 days.Is it normal?
Answer: Babies get constipated due to so many reasons like maybe the baby is not taking sufficient milk Or maybe your water intake is less Or might you are feeding formula milk to your child But still don't worry it is commonly seen in infants. some babies pass stools once in 7 days while some pass even 7 times in one day so both are considered perfectly normal in babies. If the baby is uncomfortable with this Then you can massage your baby's tummy- Massage below the navel with gentle but firm pressure with your fingertips for minimum 3 minutes You can also do cycling motion of legs to release the gas You can also use glycerine suppository which stimulates the babies rectum and helps to pass stool, but using a suppository occasionally is fine don't do it on a regular basis otherwise your baby will be dependent on this to have a bowel movement if not sure you can take stool softeners like EZ lax or Mom plus but after consulting your pediatrician
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Question: I have pain in my back and legs since 2 days.Is my baby fine?
Answer: Back and leg pain in pregnancy is generally normal and you do not need to be worried about it if it is mild or moderate .It is caused due to ligaments getting stretched due to the expanding uterus,the effect of relaxin hormone which causes relaxation of ligaments and joints loosening,sciatic nerve compression is the most common reason of leg pain .It begins in the lower back and runs down the lower limb.Warm compresses can be given to your back and lower limb to get relief from the pain.Avoid slouching and maintain a proper posture while sitting,standing and also while sleeping.Place a pillow between your legs and lying down on the side is recommended.Do not sit or stand in a place for long.Keep moving often.It is recommended for lowering the extent of pain.In case the pain is severe or is accompanied with bleeding,visit your gynaecologist soon.
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Question: I felt pain in my breast from 2 days.is it normal?
Answer: Yes that's normal in pregnancy... You can place a towel hanky in hot water and place it on your breast it will give relief
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