1 months old baby

Question: My left side nipple is small so my baby don't drink milk properly that side. So my left breast is smaller than right. What can I do for this

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Answer: Hello dear. The size of the nipple increases based on the feeding your baby takes. So feed the baby as much as possible and give the left side breast first when your baby is hungry and do not offer another breast until he takes the feed from left side. Hope it helps.
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Question: My son is 9 months old. He drink milk only from left breast, he doesn't like to drink milk from right side of breast coz of that my right breast is smaller than left. Wil it create any problem?
Answer: One of the main rules of breastfeeding is to feed from both the breasts at every single feeding session. Your baby may have found a preference to your left breast but you have to make sure to feed from both breasts at each feed so that your baby gets a proper intake of fore and hind milk and your breasts remain the same size.Also feeding your baby from one breast only can cause engorgement or milk duct block in your other breast! For now, what you can do is try to start your feed on the right breast, so your child tends to feed on it properly especially since he will be hungry during the start of the feed, and then move to the left breast.
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Question: Right breast is smaller than left breast is there any solution for right breast????
Answer: i think not but try to give feed from smaller side might be it helps
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Question: My baby don't drink breast milk properly she only drink milk during sleep.. What can I do???
Answer: Hi. You can try these. Many babies will cry, fuss, pull off the breast, etc. if they need to burp. Try to burp between breasts and after a feeding, It's perfectly normal. Give your baby lots of skin-to-skin contact between feeding Try different feeding positions, as your baby may find some positions more comfortable than others. Try offering your breast when your baby is asleep, or very sleepy Hope this helps!
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