29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my left breast is slightly small than right one is it normal n can i apply eucalyptus oil on my legs n back its paining alot

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Answer: Yes there will always be a difference between left and right breast and its all normal. We suggests heating pads and warm baths or showers and prenatal massage. Regular exercise will not only help relieve pain and help your body get back into proper alignment, it will also help strengthen your body .Wearing some sort of maternity belt for extra support will give you relief in back pain.
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Question: Why my right breast is larger than the left one?
Answer: It is very normal. To have unequal breasts. Mine one is higher and one is lower. Your body is having hormonal changes and the growth and shape will change still.
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Question: My left nipple is swollen and also left breast is slightly big than right one, wt s reason
Answer: Its normal ... Symptoms of pregnancy and having a female child as per the research done on google
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Question: Why my left breast is heavier than my right one
Answer: Happens during pregnancy, massage by olive or coconut oil if it pain.
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