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Question: My last lmp was on 25 September,my period is of 31 days,now again i am unable to know my periods will come.

Answer: Hai Try card test U will results as expected
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Question: My last period date was September 16 and period length 25 days now i am skipping my period 5 day when i will check pragnency test
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Question: I got periods again, 1st periods was on 20th of August, now on 8th September again periods started. Its just 19 days. Is it normal
Answer: Are u having a baby? How old is your baby? I m getting my periods every 12-15 days after my delivery. Got every test done where everything is normal. Doctors say it must be hormones and since baby is breastfeeding nothing can be done at this stage. U also talk to a doctor, nd get all tests done.
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Question: I had my periods on 25 September. I want to conceive. My period cycle is of 29-30 days. What will be the best fertile time
Answer: Hi dear, Ovulation is the most fertile period in comes around 10-18 days post periods. Certain signs of ovulation are: 1- discharge changes from thick white to egg white consistency 2- mild abdominal cramp or back ache 3- mild increase in body temperature 4-increase in libido or sex urge 5-breast tenderness 6- mild spotting
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