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Question: My last lmp was on 27th jan... We had unprotected sex in my ovulation days but I'm not feeling any symptoms of pregnancy. From when the symptoms starts

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Answer: You can wait for one more week. Symptoms will not come so early. Later you can do home pregnancy test for confirmation.
Answer: This is different for every woman. Some start experiencing as early in fifth week or some around seventh or eight week
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Question: We have unprotected sex on last days when my period date is coming. Is there any chances of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi! If it falls in your ovulation days there are high chances. You are at your fertile best when you intercourse within day or two when you ovulate. The ovulation happens about 14-16 days after the first day of your last period, If your cycle is 28 days long. An egg lives for about 12-24 hours after being released from the ovary. Good luck!
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Question: My last lmp was 17 Jan . I got positive result on 21 Jan .during that period I had all the symptoms of pregnancy . But from 2 days I can't feel any symptoms .is there anything to worry .please reply
Answer: Hi dear dont worry as when harmonal disbalance subsidise i. Some cases then do symptoms reduce. Don't worry. But now u should go to ur viability scan in 7th week to get baby heartbeat and yolk sac which will help u to understand ur baby proper growth.
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Question: I'm planning to conceive we had sex on my ovulation period..its been 2 weeks but still I'm not feeling any pregnancy symptoms
Answer: Dear, I am 5 week pregnant and started feeling breast pain and cramps from 7th day of ovulation. But most women don't feel anything at all till 5th week. So Don't worry. You may consider taking home pregnancy test after you have skipped your period. The key to conceive faster is to have intercourse as close to your ovulation as possible. Best of luck!
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