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Question: My last was 15 June and 10th day we did intercourse. Next slight spotting was happened. .. any idea for this...

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Answer: Hi I have a same problem if u have spotting avoid intercourse and weight lifting also its became a very complicate I have this problem now also internal bleeding became a blood slot and its harmful for baby consult ur Dr. immigiatly my Dr. Told me 50%i have save ur child but not confirm I have a also heavy bleeding dont be late
Answer: Hello About 20% of the women bleed till their 12 weeks dis happened due to implantation of the egg on to the uterus lining. This happens at the time of ur mensuration. U may want to talk to ur doctor abt the spotting and bleeding if it happens in excess it could be a scource of concern. Hope I helped
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Question: I did my pregnancy test. Result was a faint line. Today on the 42nd day i observed slight bleeding. Any idea why it could have happened.
Answer: Hi.. Dear take pregnancy test again.. During initial days little spotting and brown discharge is common.. If it is positive then book an appointment with a good gynaecologist and get your check up done..
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Question: Hello,my ovulation day was yesterday(19th June).i did intercourse 16th June,18th June and 19th it necessary to do intercourse today or can I gap this day and do intercourse tomorrow??
Answer: Hi dear,it is recommend to do intercourse at an alternative day for best if u gap today..then its not a problem...
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Question: We are planning for pregnancy.. Did intercourse on 10th and 12th day of periods bt missed 14th day and again did on 16th day.... Did u missed my ovulation day....??? Will i get pregnant or not??? Plz help
Answer: Ovulation day is any day between 10-19 days of periods. So you are pregnant or not that will be confirm after your next periods date. If you have did sex only once during 10-18 days but if that day is your ovulation day chances are high to get pregnant . So b positive and have healthy food take good care of yourself.
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Question: Next day after intercourse slight blood flow was there. What's the reason
Answer: Hi.. There can be few reasons, one can be friction during sex or not enough lubrication. Normal uterine bleed if you are about to begin your periods or if it just ended.
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