6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last LMP was 11/01. I missed my periods. Checked twice. It's showing negative. Shld I consult Dr.

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Answer: Hi dear, You should give a gap of 7 days post period.and then check your pregnancy.also use first urine in morning for the test.only in morning urine the Pregnancy hormones are maximum.you can also get a blood test done to check the level of beta HCG.which would also confirm your pregnancy.
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Question: Hi my lmp was feb 1 and i missed my periods last month n when i checked in pregnancy kit it was negative and today light spotting is showing wat its mean?
Answer: U once again check pregnancy by kit properly u may be pregnt
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Question: My last lmp was 22nd August and September month period missed.. I checked 1oct. Result negative Dr. Said wait for one. Is there any chance of getting pregnant?
Answer: 35 days mein apka upt positive dikhata hai agar pregnant ho to... 43 days hochuka hai ab.. Agar doubt hai to dubara upt karlo.. Agar wkly positive aata hai to beta hcg blood test karlo...use clear hoga result s ya no
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Question: I checked with pregnancy card but it's showing negative
Answer: Wait for 3 to 4 days if you don't get bleeding then repeat the test again, at times home pregnancy kits don't detect hcg in urine if its the amount of hcg in urine is low better wait and test again.. Goodluck
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Question: My last periods was on 7th august and when I checked on 23rd September it's negative,why is it so???
Answer: Go check with your doctor.you have irregular periods problem. I was faced the same problem in past.aame like u i miss my periods than i chk for pregnency its negative. I was rushed to doctor some tests were done.Doctor said I m suffering from PCOD.I had gone through the cure than conceive within 2 months I am mom of a 19months old baby
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