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Question: My last periods was on 24rd june which was 30th day cycle.this time on my 23rd day of cycle blood spot was is my 25th day little brown discharge is this periods or pregnancy??

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Answer: Hello! It could be implantation bleeding also which is common in pregnancy . But to get confirm it is better to take the pregnancy test. Take care
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Question: Hi, my periods was on March 17th and I have a cycle of 31 days but Sterday I had a little dark brown discharge n even today a very little spot. Wat does it mean? Is my periods early?
Answer: Hi Some may get implantation bleeding which ll be in brown colour and like spotting...take care.and be more careful..avoid travels,spicy foods,and take complete rest and do a home pregnancy test by april 17 for initial conformation
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Question: My last periods date is 25th of april. It means today is 10th day. Little bit brown discharge i could see. Y is that? Anything problem.
Answer: Hi dear, it xan be some old blood coming out of your system so dont wirry. I used to have some brown discharge when i m ovulating so its completely normal and there is nothing to worry about...
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Question: My cycle 29 days regular, lmp march 18th, today 32nd day, still period not come and brown spot very little come.. I want konw why this brown spot
Answer: Hello! This can be old blood also which is nothing to worry. Take the pregnancy test after 5-7 days of missing period. This will give better results. Take care
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