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Question: My last periods occur on 3 june and that time my periods delay affter my periods i have sex on 20 june but not properly my husband not in mood so he start but he give up and not doing after that so pls answer me mere periods kab aayenge ab

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Answer: U r may be pregnant dear
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Question: I recently had c sec on dec 24 2018 and on feb 11 i had sex with my husband but he threw the sperm outside not inside so for that one sex will i get preganant again?
Answer: Hello dear there's nothing to worry. If the sperm was thrown outside you won't get pregnant. The sperm must go deep and fertilize the egg to get pregnant. This is not possible without the sperm going inside. You have to be careful dear. Because if you don't have periods also ovulation will take place and changes of getting pregnant is very high
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Question: Hi my june period was 18th n my July period was on 21st so after my periods on 7th day i try sex with my husband on 27th to 7th August but still my periods was not came i checked on 21st August on praga card but results was negative what can I do i want to conceive baby
Answer: Hi dear, Try checking after a week again.or else you can take a BHcg blood is most quick and precise.
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Question: My periods date was 4th April, after my periods date, me and my husband daily doing sex, so tell me I am pregent or not
Answer: I have had d same problem. Let me share you my experience. Take d sample of your morning urine and add some sugar to it if it forms clumps then you are pregnant.. like this you have so many home test to confirm your pregnancy before missing a period. You can also Google home test to confirm pregnancy before missing periods. This has worked for me and I'm in my 5 th week. Good luck to you 😊
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