3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my last periods is on march 26, we are actively trying during my fertile period, if i conceive is there any problem in doing sex

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Answer: You should wait till next period then check by urine test. It can harm if you fertilize this time
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Question: During trying for pregnancy is intercourse only in the fertile window is good for pregnancy? If we are having intercouse only after the estimated fertile period is there any problem if i become pregnant?
Answer: Hello dear its not that intercourse is good in fertile days..its just that during fertile days chances if conceiving are much higher than regular days. If you get pregnant aftr fertile days that too no prob at all dear
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Question: I'm on fertile period now.. daily we are doing sex means any problem? Is there any problem for conceive?
Answer: Hi,it is advised to do sex on the alternate days during the fertile period as than the qualifications of sperms would be more better and you will get positive results too.
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Question: Hi .we r trying for pregnancy from last month onwards .my periods are regular. We have intercoursed during my fertile period. Yesterday i tried Urine pregnancy test it came negative. Am really worried. Is there any problem?
Answer: Don't be sad dear. Keep trying on 10th,12th,14th,16th and 18th days after period. You will definitely conceive. Try for 3 months
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