4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last periods date was 30th may my doctor gave me folic acid and susten 200 to conceive and now i feel like nausea and fatigue.is this a sign of pragnancy?

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Answer: Yes
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Question: My doctor gave me folic acid or duphaston and susten 200 or ecosprin 75 tablets ...wht are they work for plzz bataiye mujhe..?? These tables advantages
Answer: Dear folic acid is a iron supplement. Duphaston and Susten hormonal medicine hai jo ki also healthy pregnancy enjoy kar sake.
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Question: But my doctor gave me only folic acid . No other medicines. So is at a sign that my baby may not last long? And can i take argipreg powder without doctor's prescribtion?
Answer: Dont worry dear i am also take only folic acid in 1st trimester an then she preffer iron calcium n multi vitamin tablets.folic acid is enough in first trimester
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Question: My periods late date was 22 may 2018 but that was not a proper period... and doctor said i m 15weeks pregnant where i feel im 13 weeks pregnant... please help me to tell me the actual weeks of pragnancy
Answer: it is because of difference between your lmp date Calculation and your gestational date because when we calculate lmp it means that you can be pregnant on any day in the entire month . while gestational dates are more accurate with scan measurements of your baby's body parts as well as placenta. A plus minus of 7 days is taken in account while considering the gestational age do not worry sometimes because of the placental position it is hard to hear baby's heartbeat sounds evident so I would advise you to wait for a two weeks time before going for an USG. Continue with an iron and protein rich diet along with folic acid supplements Take care."
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