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Question: My last period was 13 Sept and now from last 2-3 days we are doing regular sex but is it necessary to pennis of male to get in female body

Answer: Hi dear, if you want to get pregnant then not only you have to get it in your body but also the sperm has to go inside then only you can conceive
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Question: My age 31. Last 3 months we are doing sex 9th -18th days of period. What should i do?
Answer: Go to doctor for check up and your husband should check his sperm also
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Question: My periods are always regular 28 days following.but last month it came 2 days early and bleeding was low last only for 3 days usually my period last 5-6 days. For this month october my pdate is 31oct. But i am feeling nausea and vomiting from past few days. Is there any chance i am pregnant. We are trying from past 3 months.
Answer: Hi! Nausea, vomitng, sore breasts r few common signd of pregnancy the chances r thr as u hv been trying, pls wait fr your due dt to hv periods if u miss it take a test after 6-7 days and confirm pregnancy.if two pink lines shows you r positive. Good luck!
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Question: My last period was on 1st sept.(28day cycle)if the sperm can live upto 3-4 days,sex on 13th sept is it enough for getting pregnant
Answer: It is better to use ovulation strip or kit for finding the fertile days or ovulation days range .
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