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Question: My last period was on 19th sep my period postponed by 7days but on 24 th oct i got my period what is the issue can anyone let me know

Answer: Hi Dear! Few days plus minus is common in periods and it may happen, it doesnt indicate anything unnatural but if you hv doubt you can always visit ur Dr. Hope this helps
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Question: Hai my last period was on 24 th of august but this month i was delayed by five days and i did the pregency test also its showing negative i doni what to do can anyone help with it
Answer: Hello Dear after missing yur period yu need to wait minimum ten days before yu check for pregnancy. The harmone does not come so soon in yur body. Try after a week preferably with morning first urine yu may get positive. Till then eat healthy stay positive Take care
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Question: Good Morning... I am recently married, last month beforr marraige i got my period on 19th oct and i got married on 31st oct. Now i got period on 14th Nov. What are the step to get pregnant??? Kindly suggest.
Answer: Hi dear, I am glad that you wanted to conceive this early post could also wait for some more months so that you can build good bonding with your once the baby comes,it gets difficult to interact tht well.anyhow,since you want to get pregnant,it's your personal opinion. To conceive most important is to find out your fertile is the ovulation period when you release your egg.during this period if you do sex sperm can fertilize your egg.ovulation can start between 10-18 days post period.
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Question: my last tt was injected on 19th sep ...when should i take the next?
Answer: tt will be after 1 month..that is you can take on 19 of october....
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