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Question: My last period was on 28th nov & mine a regular 28day cycle, now for the past four days i feel so tired & sleepy in the morning time, mild cramping in lower abdomen almost most of the times, backpain, leg & hand pain,cramping in left breast at times, one time i got even short breath in the afternoon while lying. Is this symptoms of pregnancy ??

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Answer: May be, test with a pregnancy kit
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Question: I am 4 and half week pregnant but my vomiting are not getting stop.. Some how in a day i atleast vomit once. Again most of the time i feel uneasiness, tired, and sometime hard to breath. Coyghing and sneezing is not being in control since i conceive. What can be done. Plz advice
Answer: Hello! Some women face episodes of vomiting till 5th month while some throughout the pregnancy. Talk with your doctor and get medicine for vomiting. Also try these home remedies ,it might help. 1. consuming more meals per day, with smaller portions may help, especially high-carbohydrate meals. 2. pregnant women with morning sickness should try to avoid having an empty stomach. 3. Ginger may help reduce nausea symptoms during pregnancy. 4. Take ginger lemon water with honey. 5. Stay away from strong smell. during pregnancy, there may be an increase in sensitivity to odors, which might overstimulate normal nausea triggers. 6.  mix one teaspoon each of lemon juice and mint juice with one-half teaspoon of ginger juice and one tablespoon of honey. Have this mixture two to three times a day. 7. Add five to six drops of ginger juice in a teaspoon of honey. Consume this mixture slowly when you wake up in the morning. 8. Press 15 to 20 curry leaves on a sieve to extract the juice.  Add two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey or sugar and mix it well. 9.  Chew on one teaspoon of fennel seeds after meals to help in the digestion process. 10. It has been found that women who drink a glass of water every hour are much less likely to suffer from morning sickness. Try to drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Also for cold and cough, try to have milk with a teaspoon of turmeric. This helps to increase the immunity and reduce cold and cough Foo. Take care
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Question: Its my 6th week n tis my 2nd pregnancy,i Always feel sleepy n tired,hands n body are fl pain most of the time,n little pain in my abdominal too,i am not fell d same at my 1st pregnancy,what is the difference between that?
Answer: Hi dear, Low stamina and fatigue is quite common during pregnancy.due to high progesterone level the body gets sluggish and tired. You need to check your thyroid level thyroid requirement increases during check your sugar levels too.apart from that do check our water intake.dehydration can directly impact your energy levels.keep sipping water through out the day.fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to be consumed daily for overall health.vitamin d deficiency can also make one feel tired.keep yourself exposed to morning sunlight.include mild exercises in your daily routine.many times staying inactive can lead to lethargy.
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Question: Hi mam.. My lmp was Jan 30th, I have slight cramping n white discharge it's like milky white discharge in the morning and day time. And also I feel little tired and sleepy. Is tat is the symptoms of pregnancy?
Answer: Feels like that , even in intitial days even i was facing the symptoms as u r teling .. Just try through kit after a week dear
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