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Question: My last period was on 26 dec, yesterday had an intercourse.. Is this the fertile period? What are the chances of concieving?

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Answer: Hi dear, Ovulation period varies person to depends on how long is your period it is 21,25,28,30 considering the ovulation can start as early as 10 th day to 16 th day post period.iy happens only for a day or have intercourse for a week after your periods get over.if in doubt,use ovulation kit to find out when exactly you would be ovulating.other than that there are physical symptoms of ovulation too: Signs of ovulation 1- discharge changes from thick white to egg white consistency 2- mild abdominal cramp or back ache 3- mild increase in body temperature 4-increase in libido or sex urge 5-breast tenderness 6- mild spotting
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Question: We had an intercourse on 12th Nov n my last period started on 7th Nov. What are the chances of conceiving?? Please tell
Answer: Hi Conception depends a lot on Intercourse thats true but the timing also matters.. You are at your fertile best when you intercourse within day or two when you ovulate. The ovulation happens about 14-16 days after the first day of your last period, If your cycle fr an example is 28 days long. An egg lives for about 12-24 hours after being released from the ovary hence you need to understand your periodic cycle length and plan accordingly, this month the chances are less as per calculation.. Good luck!
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Question: My last menstrual date was 29th Dec. What is the expectations to get pregnant, if had an intercourse
Answer: Look dear when j go to the doctor she said me if you want to be pregnant then do intercourse in last 10 days of your periods if your next period date is 29 january then do it on 19 and start doing it its the date of your egg fertility and may you get pregnant soon
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Question: My period was on 6th Jan 2020..I had sex on 21st Jan ..what are the chances of concieving??
Answer: Hey so 21 jan can be your ovulation day so chances are high but still have sex regularly till your next period date that will increase the chances of pregnancy.. all the best..
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