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Question: My last period was on 27 aug 2018. On 04 oct, when i checked with preganews test, it was positive for pregnancy. But same day some blood clot came out. When i went to dr., after ultrasound, she said it was miss-carriage. Now what to do to get pregnant soon?

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Answer: Within 3months it's is possible..don't stress yourself..tension and other tough activities avoid.God bless you.
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Question: hi my lmp was 28 Oct 2017 so as per this my due date is 4 Aug 2018 but when I went n did scan done it was 9 Aug, now when I went for my scan again it changed to 10 Aug question is everytime I visit to the clinic its gets one days postponed!
Answer: Always follow your LMP due date... because ultrasound due dates keep changing with each ultrasound. Ultrasound due dates depends on the babys growth... most doctors follow lmp due dates only. However in some cases like people having gestational diabetes... the babys growth will be fast and babies will be doctors will consider the last ultrasound date and decide to operate.
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Question: I have checked my preganacy on 20 there is no positive results but when i checked on 27 it was positive so what is my delivery date
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy.due date could be calculated by adding 280 days or 40 weeks to the first day of last menstrual if you give me your LMP,I can let you know your actual due date.
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Question: My lmp was 27/08/18 ..on oct 10 i was checked it was positive and yesterday i went to hospital for scanning but they said that there is no baby. And im having little brown discharge
Answer: Hi Dear! If only gastetional sac and no fetal pole, pls dnt worry it might be seen after a couple of weeks also, pls hv the medicines the Dr. suggested and take the test once again.. Good luck!
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