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Question: My last period was 13 i miss my period and i feel pain on my stomach at night..what is the reason behind this?

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Answer: Hi sis. Stomach pain might be due to any reason.. Please take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. All the best.
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Question: My last periods was on 26th of feb and now i missed my period nd in mid of march i waa suffering from lower belly pain nd cramps is this early symptoms of having pregnancy
Answer: Missed period could be a sign of pregnancy..I would suggest you to take up a pregnancy test tomorrow with first urine sample in morning..the symptoms like lower abdomen pain etc could be sign of pregnancy only..wish you all the best .
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Question: Last night my vagina was painning so much that i cant even move what is the reason ?
Answer: Dear it could be either labour pain or normal pain at term. labour pains that precede child birth can be described as a painful tightening inside the vagina.even during contractions , beginning of labour cause pain in the vagina,if it is associated with abdominal pain and back pain please contact doctor immediately.
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Question: I m having burning sensation on my hands and wrist ...Any idea what can be the reason behind this ?
Answer: Don't worry dear...Immerse your hand in warm water and gently move or flex your hand and wrist. Do this three to four times a day. It really helps
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