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Question: My last period is on 13 aug today morning I seen light pink discharge light and full day their is no bleeding appeared but at night again pink and brown discharge lightly again discharge stopped i tested pregnancy very very light line appeared

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Answer: May be it is an implantation bleeding...if it is of light pink colour
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Question: Yesterday from morning brown discharge I consult the doctor. Doctor said if heavy bleeding goes abortion should be done. Yesterday night no discharge today morning I started again slight brown discharge wt should I do pls suggest me
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear when fertilize egg implants to border line of uterus then 20 to 25 %women s have bleeding or spotting or brown discharge in early pregnancy.. so dear consult to ur Dr nd take meducines as ur Dr suggest u ,avoud stress, avoud sex ,avoid carry heavy things too take care..
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Question: My last period is on 13 aug today morning light pink discharge and full day there is no discharge and at night brown discharge and stomach pain and back pain I tested very light line is appeared
Answer: Try testing again after 4-5 days & don't be stressed. Take care of yourself & don't lift heavy objects. I'm sure you will get a strong positive pregnancy test. All the best.
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Question: I am 5weeks pregnant. A very little brown discharge was seen in morning and again today a little bleed..What is the problem?
Answer: May be it is a sign of missed abortion. Coz same happens with me in March
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