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Question: My last period is january 31..and i did home pragnency test and its positive....but later i got some little bit bleeding ....again i did same home pragnancy ..its little bit light positive...whats that meaning

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Answer: Do beta hCG test..will give you a correct result whether you are pregnant or not. Hope you will get to hear the good news.
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Question: My period was delayed for 1week today I did pregnancy test It is positive after that I'm having light bleeding
Answer: Hi dear, I can totally understand how anxious we get to see blood in pregnancy time.usually such light spotting is normal but it's wise to check with doctor.most of the women who have spotting issue in 1 st trimester are supplimented with progesterone medicine.complete rest is also kindly check with doctor.i am hoping all is well,so donot take much stress due to that,as that could do more harm.
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Question: I did pregnancy test at home and its positive. I did not have sex last month. How its possible
Answer: Dear it could be that the pregnancy strip is faulty. Please repeat the test again tomorrow morning. The pregnancy strip test is not always correct and may sometimes show wrong results. So there is nothing to be worried. Also do the test early morning with first urine. Hope it helps.
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Question: My last period is 31 May I did pragnancy test one lpink is very light is it pregnancy or not
Answer: Hi dear....If you have two pink lines even if the second one is very light, it is considered to be positive. Please test again after two days the line should become darker.
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