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Question: My last period in 8 July but pregnancy test is negative what is this?

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Answer: Hi dear, There are many reasons for negative result: 1- late conception 2- hormone level not upto the mark 3-too early testing 4-defective test kit 5- timing of testing To avoid above things,one should give sufficient time for your hormones to rise .give atleast a week after you missed your period and then test.ypu can better test it through,blood test,which is quick and accurate.
Answer: Hi! If it has been July then, its the time to go to a Doctor and rule out any underlying disease because few days plus minus is considered as normal, but its been almost 2 months. It can be Thyroid. It can be PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) It can much stress Too much weight gain/loss Increase of prolactin hormone. Good luck!
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Question: Last period was on july 18..but there is no periods in august.. I do the test but test is also negative. What does this mean? .
Answer: Getting irregular periods should be checked by a gynaecologist. In a newly marriage it sometimes takes up to one year and sometimes people get pregnant in six months only it always depends on your menstrual flow whether or not you are suffering from any hormonal imbalance or if at all you are having diabetes or if you are having bleeding problems such as you bleed for more than 7 days or if your cycle is irregular sometimes it is 28 days and sometimes it is 35 days so you are not able to identify your ovulation time as well as fertile window which is very important to have a conception all these factors accumulate to form a base of the hypothesis of why the pregnancy is not happening I will only advise you to keep trying in your ovulation window which is usually + 7 days from the last date of your menstrual period if you are periods are on first and their run up to 5th then if you plus seven days to you will get a date which is 12 so you can start having regular sex from 12 to 19th of the month and hope for the best
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Question: My last periods day 23July. This month i missed period but pregnancy test is negative
Answer: Wait for another week n then u try... N u check it in early morning... It give good results.. All the best dear
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Question: my last period date is 8 july. and today is 16 july i test my pregnancy but there is a negative.. i dont understand wht can i do..???
Answer: I can understand your curiosity You need to wait for at least 10 to 14 days from the day you missed your period to know if you are pregnant if you use normal kit There are early kits too which can detect pregnancy as early as five days from the day you missed your period Take first urine sample to do test Pour it and if you see two lines you are pregnant One line not pregnant No lines repeat the test There are many home pregnancy kits available in medical shops which are normal but if you want high sensitive kit you need to ask them particularly All the best
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