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Question: My last period date was on 27 oct. I tested in pregency strip, it shows positive. What should i do know.?

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Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. Now as you are pregnant so you should surely take more care of your diet. Try to have small meals so that your stomach don't be empty and baby can get all the nutrition to grow. You should take lots of rest and you are getting lots of changes in the body so more rest is needed. Should stay away with alcohol, smoke and caffeine Take all your vitamins in time Avoid all spicy food as you might get heartburn easily. Take care
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Question: Mam my date was sep 27 till i am not get period ,i have tested in kit still it was showing negitive results what should i do
Answer: Hi,you should visit to your gynac also do a proper lab test as at times home kit test may not show accurate results. It is advisable to visit your Dr as there can be multiple reasons for this.
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Question: Hai my last period was on 27 oct till now i didnt get period wen should i do pregnancy test
Answer: Dear you can do the pregnancy test in morning tomorrow with first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hii, my last period date was 8 Feb, but I am late, n I tested it came positive, what next step should I do??
Answer: Congratulatin on your pregnancy.Consult a doctor. She will further instuct you. You can start taking folic acid tablets
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Question: 25 Oct my last period.... If I go for pregnancy test is shows me positive.... Now what should I do
Answer: Hi dear Now u should consult doctor as u need to get ur body checkup done.At the first prenatal visit, the doctor will confirm the pregnancy. In addition, further tests are carried out including: weighing, urine, measuring blood pressure, and haemoglobin determination. The doctor will draw blood to determine your blood group and rhesus factor and further tests will be carried out to screen for HIV and rubella, along with other potentially dangerous diseases.The focus of this appointment, however, is mainly on the advice. The doctor will discuss possible risks and give advice regarding nutrition and other pregnancy related issues. Of course you also have the opportunity to ask the questions that you have regarding your pregnancy.
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