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Question: My last period date was on nov6.. I checked upt on Dec 6 and found that one dark line and one light line on the strip.. Am I pregnant? Confused..having lower abdominal pain

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Answer: Hi! Congratulations dear one faint line is also positive and the pregnancy hormone HCG is present in the body, its usually you get the proper result after 6-7 days of missing period, i would request you to take the test once again after 2-3 days there are chances of the faint line getting darker. Else you can also get a HCG blood test done to get 100% accurate result. Also as now you have found yourself to be positive please visit your gynae. Good luck!
Answer: Congratulations, that means you are pregnant. Just to be sure double check it after one week of your missed period. It gives more accurate results, though chances of false positives are less but there is no harm in being 100% sure. For me also it was the same case when I tested it a couple of times on "PregaNews" and then my husband got "I-can" through which I found dark two lines. I think the darkness varies on kits also. Good luck!
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Question: my lmp was on 11 june i checked and there is one dark line on test and the other one is light red what does that mean ?
Answer: Hello dear... It is positive dear,the another line will get darker in forthcoming days,so don't get worried,After confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy kit,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet and your first sonography will take place during 8-10 weeks,to detect fetal heart rate and position
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Question: When I checked through UPT kit there was one light line and one dark what is the meaning of light line?
Answer: Hie At times it happens that the line due to kit or concentration of hormones in urine may be faint But it still confirms pregnancy Congratulations
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Question: Today i did upt in that one line dark and other one is light
Answer: Do test again, two dark lines is the confirmation for the pregnancy. Use first urine of the day
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