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Question: my last period date was 25th october... i have regular cycle of 28/29 days.. last night i observed dark brown discharge.. is it early period??

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Answer: If it's continuous it cud be periods. Plz do the pregnancy test and confirm
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    Ankita Kala797 days ago

    it was not continuous... just spotting for few hours.. and then nothing on 19th.. i am experiencing spotting again today.. what does that mean??

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Question: My lmp is 4.4.2019,i m having 28 days regular cycle, from yesterday night i found some light brown discharge, is this a sign of pregnancy? Pls reply
Answer: hi dear brown discharge can the implantation bleeding but you have to wait till you miss your period then confirm your pregnancy all the best dear
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Question: My period date is last 25th dec.I have regular cycle but I am not getting pregnant is their any suggestions
Answer: Hi Dear! Its wonderful to knw that you have started planning fr a baby, as u hv mentioned ur periods r regular yes its important to hv regular cycle but apart from that thr r a few things which needs to considered like your health- Its not only the woman health but the mans health too is important for a healthy baby , you need to ensure it by sticking to a good diet, maintaining a healthy diet. There are few food which boosts fertility like milk, cheese, yogurt, fatty fish, whole grains, eggs and loads of water and cut down on coffee, alcohol, processes food. Secondly Intercourse- It plays major role in planning a baby, you need to get intimate on the most fertile days of yours which is at your ovulation time, which is generally 11-16 days after your first day of your last period. Keep yourself happy-healthy and without stress , enjoy a healthy conjugal life to welcome a healthy baby. All the best!
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Question: Last month my period cycle was 45 days,my period cycle changes every month like 28 days 30 days,is it regular or irregular
Answer: Its irregular dear. Regular period cycle will come after same days . So if you are planning na then get hormonal test done to know the exact reason for it ..
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