8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last period date ocyober15th. Urine test positive and ultrasound test in 5th week 4days saws sac. Except constipation don't feel any nausea vomitting like pregnancy symptoms. Is it healthy foetus or not?

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Answer: Every pregnancy is different and every women is different.someone will have few or no symptoms also. Please be positive and enjoy the pregnancy period. And your baby will be alright. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
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Question: i did my pregnancy test which was positive... but m not having any pregnancy symptoms like nausea or vomitting... only having mild lower back ache... is it normal?
Answer: Many pregnant women donot have any symptom of Nausea or vomitting, which is good actually. lower Back pain also common during pregnancy. Better to consult the doctor for pregnancy confirmation and further guidance.
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Question: Am approx 2 week pregnant but don't feel symptoms like vomitting. My pregnancy is confirmed or not ?
Answer: Hi if you have checked your pregnancy and found yourself positive in the test strip it means that you are pregnant however it is not important and not always necessary to have symptoms like vomiting nausea or dizziness etc. because everybody is different and so is there symptom So being pregnant it is also normal to not feel any other problem and if you are still confused you can see your gynecologist and go for a blood HCG test which will give you 100% accurate result .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I m 7 weeks pregnant but i have not any pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomitting dizziness
Answer: It's not necessary u have nausea and vomiting.thank god u don't suffer from these problem.eat healthy and be happy.ready good books and take spl care during first 3 month of pregnancy. Happy parenting!!
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