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Question: hii.. my last period date is Nov 18.. i missed my period this month.. i take home pregnancy test (hcg) bt it shows negative.. what should i do..

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Answer: Dear ideally the test should be done after 7 days of missing ur periods so you still have to wqit for anither 3 days and repeat the test with first urine in the morning. Hope it helps.
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    seo yeon300 days ago

    thank u

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Question: Mam, My last period is on Dec15. I missed period but i check on UPT card it shows negative. I done beta hcg test it also negative. Bt i have symptoms of pregnancy. What should i do? Plz help
Answer: hi dear! so if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms with beta hcg negative then dear you will have to elaborate the symptoms you are facing so that it gets better to judge and also to know if your pregnancy is missed then we have to think about pcos. so dear do a usg pelvis to see if you have pcos and also consult your doctor dear . and do revert back to us. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hii, i missed my period last 2 months, and pregnancy test is negative,what should i do,
Answer: You should consult your Gynecologist. He will check again if you Re pregnant or not through sono graphy and sometimes because of hormonal changes we skip periods. He may give you course of tablets.
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Question: Hi mam, my last lmp is jan 6 this month missed my period feb 8 th home pregnancy test is negative what should i do now?
Answer: Wait for atleast 1 week after u missed periods to test whither it is positive repeat 2-3 times and to make sure do the beta hcg blood test it will conform whether u r pregnant or not
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Question: Hii..this is my 10th day of my missed period &today I check hcg test at home I got negative results.what should I do???
Answer: Hi dear, Sorry for your disappointment.i would suggest you to ease get your beta HCG levels measured through blood test instead.
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