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Question: my last period date is 10 Jan 18 but my first ultrasound done in 6march according to the ultrasound report I am pregnant from 6weeks and baby is 4.8 cm but according to missed period at that time I am above to 6weeks plus so how can it possible

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Question: By my lmp my due date is 26 jan but today's usg report is giving 10 jan how these possible.....what should I follow?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,it happens.depending on the baby growth due date keep changing.once you complete 37 weeks,you would be considered full term.my due date was 23 Jan,but It preponed to 15 Jan,I delivered on 9 jan.i was full term by then.so donot worry about it.once the baby is fully developed,you can deliver any time.
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Question: According to LMP my due date is Jan 15 and according to my last ultrasound report done in 7th Jan is Feb 4, which date do I follow then??
Answer: Hi,usually edd as per the scan should be considered because it shows the edd calculation as per the gestational growth.however deliverey can happen anytime after 38 weeks though.
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Question: My due date is 8 th dec but recently i visited to my doctor she has done my ultrasound and now my doctor is syng according to my report now my due date is on 23rd November .is it possible ?
Answer: Hello Am happy to help you Please do not go by dates given in scan. Always follow the date as per your LMP. Take care. If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up thanks
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