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Question: My last period date is 2nd july.... And i test the pregnancy kit... It shows one is red and other is light red... It means positive or negative????

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Answer: Hello dear... It is positive,the second line get darker by forthcoming days, After confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy kit,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet and your first sonography will take place during 8-10 weeks,to detect fetal heart rate and position
Answer: Dear It can be that u are pregnant and also it can show that u are not pregnant.. If one is light line then u have to perform again the test after 1 week. Either u have done the test very soon. So,please perform it again.
Answer: I thank you all frds really your answers and sujjestion made me happy for sure I do the test again and consult the doctor soon
Answer: Yes dear.. Conrats... Aap apne dr se check up karao... Vo agge ka sara procedure samjhayega apko
Answer: Yes dear you are pregnant
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    Soma Mandal1073 days ago

    Positive,now u do a transvaginal ultrasound for confirmation and location of pregnancy

Answer: Yes u are pregnant
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Question: I did the dettol pregnancy test , it was positive But the pregnancy test kit shows negative..... And I missed my periods 2 months now
Answer: Dear,...home made pregnancy tests are often faulty.please avoid using it ..if your pregnancy kit is negative then I am sorry you are not can reconfirm it through blood test too...if you have missed periods for 2 months and not pregnant,then it could be some hormonal issue..please get it checked soon ...hope it helps..
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Question: My pregnancy card test shows One dark line and One light Pink line.. Is it positive or negative?
Answer: Hello dear. 1 pink line means you are pregnancy so congratulations. It means you are in early stages of pregnancy. If you would have taken the test after a week this line would be darker. Get ur beta hcg done to see the growth of your pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: In home pregnancy kit it shows negative first few hours later it shows positive what it means I took test in night lmp is Dec 24
Answer: U should tke earlier mrng test..n befr eatng any foods or water..evn i did sme method..n bst of luck..hope evrythng wll be best❤😊
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