6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last period came on 20th feb. I guess i am pregnant as i have not got my periods this month which were supposed to come by 18th march (usually my periods came 2 days before last period date). I took urine pregnancy test which shows one complete and one light red line. I tested again 2-3 days after which again showing same 2 lines one complete red and one very light red. What should i supposed to do in this situation?

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Answer: Hello dear. Even a light red is also considered positive. You can now get ur beta hcg done to know the growth of the pregnancy. Alight line meqns you tested a bit early if you would have test after a week this line woupd be darker. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hai my last period 6th dec but not get periods so already 3 days extended i checked my pregnancy it came two pink lines is it acceptable
Answer: Hi! Congratulations! Two pink lines are positive abd means u hv conceived..pls go see ur Gynae. Wish u happy and healthy pregnancy ahead.
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Question: My last period date was on aug 18th .I usually get my ten days late .but august and july periods date were same .we had sex right from august 31st .but now i have got pain on my breasts usually i get this before i get my periods.is this a sign of being pregnant or sign of getting periods
Answer: Hi dear, As you said it could be pms or pregnancy,anything.to confirm,one must wait for the next period to be missed.pist one week from then,take a pregnancy test at home to confirm.
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Question: my periods were irreregular.I joined gym BT still periods came 10 days late.means after one month n 10_days..earlier the periods were delayed even for 2 months also.so my last LMP was first week of Oct 2017.I wnt to know my due date?my ultrasound is showing 5 Aug BT I don't think its correct
Answer: Hello! In such a case, you have to follow the date given by your ultrasound scsn only. That is the more accurate one which you can get.
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