4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii my last mensuration was on 13th dec..n now iam feeling crampy tired hungry and also lower back pain..what should i do

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Answer: Hi dear, There is nothing much that you could do at present,but wait till 13 th jan.if you miss your periods you could relate those symptoms to early pregnancy else it could be pms.
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Question: Im feeling really tired and im having back pain also what should i do
Answer: Hi,you should have more of fluids and juices throughout the day so that you are well hydrated take your prenatal supplements regularly for back pain you should do hot water compression 3 times in a day and you should keep a pillow behind your back while sitting which will help to give you some comfort. do not when on left anything heavy
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Question: I am feeling extremely tired and feeling heavy pressure on both sides of lower back n also having loose motion n pain in legs what i should
Answer: Hi Dear, Yoga is the could be the good solution. Even I too had similar problem few months back , one of my friend advised me to do yoga and it really helped me a lot ...mainly steching excersices.....just lift your both hands fully up in a standing position and try to bend back as much as you can and hold the position till 30 countings and get back to straight position. Repeat this 3- 4 times..this relaxes your back and for leg pain too try to stretch your body fully up lifting your feet and try to balance on fingers for a minute...It reduces pain as the leg muscles get stretched. And lose motions just have 2 slices of white bread one or twice. Motions automatically gets controlled
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Question: I am having pain in my lower back and legs.feeling tired....what should i do?
Answer: Hello dear pain in lower back and legs is common because the spinal chord changes its position to accomodate the baby. This will give pain to back amd legs. Use hot bag to give relief from pain..keep it at backside...DO NOT keep hot bag on your tummy. Dip your legs in a bucket filled with warm water. This will give you relief
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