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Question: My last LMP was 22jul , I done the pregnancy test but one line was darkness and one line was very light wat does it means?

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Answer: 1 dark and 1 faint line means you are pregnant but it's early pregnancy and these kit can't detect early pregnancy that's why they show 1 faint line so to get accurate result get a lab blood urien or blood test..
Answer: Hi you may get it checked in lab light line may means weak pregnancy and your hcg count may increase soon.
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Question: My LMP was on 4th april... I did 3 pregnancy test it shows one line dark and one line very light... Plz tell what was that..
Answer: Hii congratulations u r pregnancy. Now Now u should consult doctor as u need to get ur body checkup done.At the first prenatal visit, the doctor will confirm the pregnancy. In addition, further tests are carried out including: weighing, urine, measuring blood pressure, and haemoglobin determination. The doctor will draw blood to determine your blood group and rhesus factor and further tests will be carried out to screen for HIV and rubella, along with other potentially dangerous diseases.The focus of this appointment, however, is mainly on the advice. The doctor will discuss possible risks and give advice regarding nutrition and other pregnancy related issues. Of course you also have the opportunity to ask the questions that you have regarding your pregnancy. If u find above advise useful plz press like button. All the best.
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Question: I get pregnancy test... one line dark and one is light..... what means..... my last lmp was 18 june.....i missed as yet....what it means
Answer: I think it's wkly positive... U can repeat it aftr 3days with first urine sample...
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Question: I did pregnancy test it have one very light line and one dard line what does it means...
Answer: It means u r pregnant,,,confirm with doctr also,,all d best
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