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Question: My last LMP on 9of march trying for pregnancy from 4 year's not getting positive results 😥😥 Last years hd two abortion because of some hormones issues so after that we are planning for iui treatment my age 27 I need to know about tht treatment there is chance getting positive results in tht treatment?

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Answer: Be positive otherwise go for cleaning
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Question: I had two abortions in last 3 years... Should I need to take any treatment for getting pregnant
Answer: Ohhh that's really sad 🙁🙁. If you are planning for pregnancy again then you should consult gynecologist and start taking some medications and supplements for a healthy pregnancy. also maintain healthy nutritious home cooked food avoid having junk food fried food in your regular diet. Also reduce your tea and coffee intake. Maintain active and Healthy lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy. Take care, all the best.
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Question: Me and my husband both age 27 yrs. Trying to convince from last 5 months.. As doctor said taking folic acid tab. Reports are normal.. But not getting positive results.. Please do need full
Answer: Hello, Stop trying. The stress you are putting on your body is keeping you from getting pregnant. Just relax, enjoy your husband, and if it happens it happens, don't push yourselves. Know your ovulation days and fertile days and have intercourse in that time that may help you.
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Question: We are trying for baby since last two years but we are not getting results n periods are also comming so early from last two months
Answer: Consult a good doctor who can diagnose the persisting issue and treat accordingly. Please visit both husband and wife.
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