40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last lmp is on 24 nov 2017 and doctors give me my expacted date on 31 aug 2018 but my ultra sound shows on oct 4 says that according to the fetal size it shows the date so i wonder does my baby not groeing well or my delivery date will be delay

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Answer: Hi. This isnt possible you need to go for re scan dear. Consult your doctor regarding this. Good luck.n
Answer: Hi, the growth is little slow but dont worry id you eat well and take rest it can also cope up. Take care
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Question: hii all my edd according to lmp is 4 th may but ultra sound says 21 April it's two weeks early according to lmp edd what is the reason and what date should I consider?
Answer: Always follow your LMP due date... because ultrasound due dates keep changing with each ultrasound. Ultrasound due dates depends on the babys growth... most doctors follow lmp due dates only. However in some cases like people having gestational diabetes... the babys growth will be fast and babies will be big...so doctors will consider the last ultrasound date and decide to operate.
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Question: how does baby development occur according to Lmp or ultra soynd scan date.As my Lmp shows 25 week but according to ultra sound the shows 22 week.
Answer: It means your baby is growing little slower than the actual norms.have better balanced diet.one week difference is pretty much fine between lmp and ultrasound date but it shouldn't be more that that
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Question: My lmp was Oct 23, 2017..bt marriage was held on Nov 6....Which date my baby is come
Answer: Hello! Currently you are 32 weeks pregnant. Your expected date of delivery is 30th July 2018. Take care
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