39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last lmp is 25 may 2018 now from few days i feel pain like periods pain is it delivery pain

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Answer: Many girls say me that its initial pain of delivery
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Question: My last periods date is 5 may 2018 so which is my month now???
Answer: Hi! You are about to complete 5 months soon. Good luck!
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Question: my lmp is 25 may what questions should I ask from doctor about delivery?
Answer: Hello dear aise koi khas questions ni h jo ap doctor se puchhe bus simply ask about your delivery. Your doctor tell you herself.
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Question: Hii my last LMP date 11 May 2018 so what is the my delivery date
Answer: You can calculate the probable date of birth of your baby from the first day of your last menstruation. Most doctors also find the exact date of birth of the baby in this manner. Your pregnancy should last for approximately nine months and seven days or 40 weeks. Therefore, to know the probable date of birth of the baby, add this period of pregnancy to the first day of your last menstruation. After you know the pregnancy, when you go to the doctor, only after calculating your period based on your period of calculation Do it. Doctor will write this due date on your pregnancy file. You can see that the doctor has written the due date of delivery or EDD due date. According to your lmp your delivery date should be 18 February.
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