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Question: My last due date 26/10/18 then which is the delivery date for me

Answer: Hi dear hi dear, it's too early to check for delivery. Date. Have u got confirmation of pregnancy already?
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Question: my last period date is 18 nov... which week is running now?? my due date??
Answer: Congratulations, You are 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant.You are currently 3 months pregnant. Your baby's estimated due date is on or around Saturday, august 25, 2018. Your baby's ears start to appear this week, completing that tiny face, although they won't be functional for another few weeks yet. Even so, it's worth getting into the habit of talking or singing to your little one now. You may feel a little b The big change this week is that your baby's external genetalia start to become apparant. Your baby has had a gender right from the start (it's determined by the sperm) but so far there's been no distinguishing features that hint at one or the other. Even these external bits look almost identical at this time, although by the time you have your first ultrasound there is a teeny tiny possibility the gender could be confirmed. Most women will need to wait until their 20 week scan to find out though (or even until the birth if Baby doesn't want to cooperate!). All organs that have already been formed are now just perfecting their processes. By week 9, the placenta is an old pro and is doing an excellent job of providing all the essential nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby, and the lungs are preparing themselves for when your baby starts to breathe.
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Question: Hi iam priya ..... This is my first pregnancy last due date is february tell me doctor now how many months for my delivery date.
Answer: Hi dear, You can refer to the following table : Month 1- week 1 to 4 Month 2- week 5 to 8 Month 3- week 9 to 13 Month 4- week 14 to 17 Month 5 - week 18 to 22 Month 6- week 23 to 27 Month 7- week 28 to 31 Month 8- week 32 to 35 Month 9- week 36 to 40 You are right now at 31 weeks according to the app ,and at 7 months.but if your baby's actual ultrasound age is less then the due date would delay.if your due date is February 26, you must be at 5 th month now.if you have not updated the last menstrual period right on app,then please alter it app showing 31 weeks pregnant.
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Question: 1aug Ko last date ayi thi then what will be the delivery date for me?
Answer: Agar 1/8/2017 aapki last date thi, then delivery date will be on or around 8th May 2018.
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