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Question: My last date was 4 Aug and now I missed my period and I don't even feel like I'm pregnant

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Answer: Do take a pregnancy test by 18th of this month. If its +ve then congratulations in advance nd if its not then its Nthn to wrry abt many a times our periods also gets upset due to hormonal changes
Answer: Test beta HCG. You can get the correct result
Answer: Haa Kai bar nhi lgta h PR AP pregnant ho
Answer: Six week pregnant ho
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Question: My last period was December 9th and do month I missed my period I'm I pregnant?
Answer: Hi dear, You could be Pregnancy if you had never missed your periods before and always have had regular periods.kindly wait for another week and test at home with home Pregnancy test kit with first urine in morning.wish you all the best!
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Question: last period was 4 last 6 days my stomach cramping .....i feel my weight is gain....missed period i pregnant?
Answer: Hello dear Have u done ur pregnancy test?? If not then firstly do ur pregnancy test. If u find that the test is positive then it means that u are pregnant but if u see that it is negative then u are not pregnant. If it is negative then it means that there is delay in ur periods and it can be due to any reasons such as hormonal imbalance, stress, travelling etc. So, consult ur doctor first that what is the reason of ur missed period
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Question: My last period date was on December 9th this month I missed my period I'm I pregnant?
Answer: Dear, you should wait for one week and then check your pregnancy. Good luck dear
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