11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last lmp date 28 october... today i got my ultrasound done... bt no cardiac activity is felt... i m vry much worried.. plz suggest what to do

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Answer: Sorry to say but in 11weeks of pregnancy if the Dr didn't find cardiac activity of fetus it's that your pregnancy will discontinue same happened with me dear still I will pray to God in case some times heartbeat will be visible later
Answer: Wait for a week and do once more..few ppl will get late cardiac activity
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Question: M 6 week pregnant..bt transvaginal ultrasound show no cardiac activity...m worried abt..wt to do nw..
Answer: Dear if you are 6 week pregnant it is normal for the heartbeat not visible in early scans. You doctor may suggest you to wait for 2 weeks and repeat the scan at 8th week. Also dear ur profile is showing 10 weeks please update ur last period date so that the calculation is correct. Hope it helps.
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Question: i have done my ultrasound but it doesnt showing cardiac activity what to do my lmp was 28th march
Answer: Hii don't worry.sometime doctors detect heartbeat in 10 to 12 week of pregnancy also as sometime heartbeat is go low that it is sometime difficult to detect. So do visit doctor after 10 weeks one more time. Till then eat well and stay happy.
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Question: i am 8weeks 5 days pregnant ,in ultrasound no cardiac activity what to do
Answer: Hello even though generally heart beat is seen from 6-7weeks it can take upto 10weeks . Please keep calm and try to think positive that will help your baby s development.
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