31 weeks pregnant mother

My lap date is 16 April.... Then wats my delivery date?

Hllo dear ur lmp.s 16 April if ur period cycle s of 28 days ur due date 'll be 23 Jan 2019 .it may be change if ur period cycle s up or down .
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Question: Hi my lap was 6-12-2017 wats my due date.
Answer: Hello dear Right now u are 36 weeks pregnant and Ur due date is 12 September, 2018
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Question: My lmp date is april 16 how many weeks my pregnancy and what is expected date of delivery
Answer: Hllo dear ur lmp s 16 April according to this ur 35 weeks has completed yesterday 5 Jan nd 36 week has started from yesterday 5 Jan. Nd according to ur lmp if ur period cycle s 28 days ur due date 'll be 23 Jan. Consult to ur gyno .
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Question: My lap date is 14-5-2018 when was my delivery date
Answer: Hi . According to your lmp your delivery date is. ...21 feb 2019
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