9 months old baby

My kid has small small pimples on her cheek n her skin turns red in sunshine plz help if anyone know She is 9 month

i think it's allergy case from sun ..so its better to consult your doctor.
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Question: my daughter is 7 months old , she is having red small pimples on her bump..
Answer: My son is 8 month old he is suffering from cough n loose motion and also teething . due to close nose he is not able to eat or take Mike properly what I do his wait is also 6.54 only plz suggest
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Question: my 4.5 month baby has red rashes over left cheek and dry rough skin patches..plz help..
Answer: Dry winter often have adverse effect on baby’s skin. Cracked skin, flaky skin are all symptoms of it. Best you can do is take unflavoured /unscented glycerin, mix equal amount of rosewater to it and store in a glass water. Apply this mixture on your baby’s skin for 3 4 times a day. Don't take your baby out in sunlight after applying glycerin as it will tan the baby. Never use glycerin alone as it might moisture the skin but will also darken it.
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Question: My baby is 1 month old... He hv red small pimples on his cheek, chest, n back also.. Is bcz of oil. Massage?? ..
Answer: Hi,see if they are growing or if the baby also has fever,if not than nothing to worry. You can just apply breast milk as this is the best remedy .it will settle on it's own.
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