13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My job require some travelling work. should i go or postpone the same.

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Answer: 1st trimester is most important and you have almost made it but through out pregnancy if you can avoid travelling it will be good, you can consult with doctor if they say yes then why not
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Question: My job requires some travelling work by car with in 25 km in a day. sometimes i feel abdomen pain after travelling. should i avoid d travelling or it is normal.
Answer: It's ok to drive but avoid sudden jerks and brakes. And pain does persist during pregnancy.
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Question: Hello, after 1st scan we can go to work or travelling?
Answer: If ur gynaecologist recommended you to bed rest then you wil definitely follow that doctor. 1st 3 month need more care. Otherwise you can go for work but avoid travelling in auto ,bike.
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Question: Hii I am working woman and for my work requirements i do lot of travelling and im tensed about my baby and i can't leave my job too...pls suggest how to be careful while travelling?
Answer: Travelling a lot during pregnancy is not advisible if its necessary u take rest once in 3-4 days, but dont take tention. Have a positive feeling that nothing will happen to my baby, tention and stress creates more problem. Plan your journey or travelling that ull get some rest than before.
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