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Question: My lmp is 19feb so my cycle is 28-30 days what is my ovulation days nd intercourse on ovulation days or before ovulation days

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Answer: Go nd talk with doc or do ultasound or sonography
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Question: My LMP was on 13 aug normally my cycle is from 28-33 days so wen is my ovulation day
Answer: Hello Get an ovulation strip so u get to know ur ovolation days. u ll know ur best chance to keep trying . Eat butter fruit or avocado as it helps in conception. Stay well hydrated exercise well so u ll get good endorphin levels wch will keep u and ur body happy. Stay positive and happy so u ll see good results soon.
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Question: 28 to 29 days cycle. Which is the best time to intercourse? Few days before ovulation or the exact ovulation day ?
Answer: If u kNow about ur ovulation days,just keep trying in between those days only... N if u don't know then a week after periods end till 10 days from then....r preferable. Gud luck.
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Question: My LMP was on 27 October. My period cycle is of 29-30 days. What will be my ovulation time so that I could conceive?
Answer: Hi. you always ovulate before 14 days of ur period or 14 days after your period Hope this helps!
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