Question: My LMP is 23 sep 2017 but today when my second level ultrasound goes then doctor says it is 17 week 4 days. so should i worry or there can be another point

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Answer: not to worry . unless the baby is growing fine
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    shalu goel994 days ago

    he has asked to come again after 15 days for ultrasound again. then he will tell the real growth he was saying

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Question: Hi mam 1st ultrasound I done yesterday.. So when I should go for second ultrasound.. My lmp is 26july 2018...
Answer: Hi dear ur Another scan will take place in btw 6th dec to 3rd january 2019. Another is anamoly scan .It is usually performed between 18-23 weeks of pregnancy and ultrasound is the main diagnosis that is used to detect congenital abnormality and any down syndrome , it also helps to check the amonotic fluid level and baby proper growth of body parts and organ. It involves a detailed scanning and examination of the fetus for any abnormalities. 
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Question: My lmp is 23 sep 2017 but still not get labor
Answer: Hello It's safe to induce labour as long as u r above 37 weeks pregnant with a healthy pregnancy. The position of the baby should be cephalic presentation and the baby s head should be fixed or engaged. Drink castor oil. But this can reach the baby and cause loose motions You can induce labour by walking Taking a warm shower Having sex as it induces contractions Stimulating ur breasts can cause contractions Eating spicy food Eating food with high estrogen levels like pine apple cardamom seasome seed Eat dates as they have good levels of oxytocin wch help with cervix dilation
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Question: my last lmp is 1st Dec 2017..when should I have an ultrasound
Answer: Yourfirst ultrasound will typically be done between 18 and 20 weeks, but you may have one before 12 weeks to confirm your due date.
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