35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My placentha is right side and grade 1 position is it any problems incurre during delivery time beacuse I want normal delivery please suggest me

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Question: Hi... My baby position is cephalic, and I want normal delivery, is it possible... Please suggest.
Answer: Hi dear, Cephalic position,or head down is the perfect position for normal delivery.so donot worry.you definitely can have normal delivery.wish you all the best.
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Question: Hi my baby boy always want to sleep on one side that is right side position for him is it ok or any other problem please tell me
Answer: chage the position everytime ...better ahould keep the baby on his back....prolonged oneside position leads decreased blood supply ..
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Question: Hi i have high uterine resistance in right side, dr said used to sleep left side, is any critical during my delivery time, is possible normal delivery??
Answer: Get your blood pressure checked if you are blood pressure is more then there can be certain complications in pregnancy such as heavy bleeding as well as premature delivery but since you are already in 38 weeks you can deliver in 39 weeks uterine resistance is a form of growth restriction if it would have been developed earlier your doctor would have prescribed you isoxsuprine medication but since you are in 38 weeks you will be monitored next week also for an ultrasound scan and depending on the baby condition as well as placental well being the mode of surgery or normal delivery will be decided
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