5 months old baby

Question: My babie is 5 mnths old ..some time she passing greenish stool. Is it normal?

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Answer: an imbalance of foremilk/hindmilk, often resulting in frothy green stools. a sensitivity to something in the mother’s diet, such as cow’s milk products. a sign that baby has an illness. Babies with an intestinal virus or even a simple cold will sometimes have green, mucusy stools. Teething can also bring about green stools due to increased saliva (can also cause tummy upset) a lot of green vegetables or something with green food coloring in mom’s diet. If baby has started solids, that could also account for the change in color (this is normal with the change in diet).
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Question: I'm passing greenish stool. Is it normal
Answer: Dear greenish stool happens because of iron tablet or any iron rich food you had. There is nothing to worry about it just drink lots and lots of water it will be fine..
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Question: My baby is 5 months old and passing loose and light greenish stool...is this normal?
Answer: Yea, quiet normal. This is an indicator that your baby is likely to be teething soon. Happy baby bites ! 😊
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Question: Hi. My baby's age 31 days. He passing greenish color stool. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear, this is normal don't worry.Consistently green stools in the breastfed baby can indicate that it is an imbalance of foremilk the low-calorie milk that comes first in a feeding – and not enough hindmilk, the good higher-fat stuff often resulting in frothy green stools. a sensitivity to something in the mother's diet, such as cow's milk products
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